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Profit from Funway and step on the gas!

For a fee of CHF 35, you can be a member of Funway for two years. Register today and receive your Funway card in two to three weeks. The Funway card is exclusively for private persons resident in Switzerland.


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Please complete all the following points so that we can open your file. When you give us your email address, we can let you know about special offers and invitations exclusively for Funway members. Please note that incomplete forms cannot be processed.

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Please let us know your credit card details. All rentals are charged to this card. Details of a credit card must be provided for Ready Service.

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I hereby pay the two-year fee of CHF 35

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*I certify that all information provided in this form is true and correct. I understand that the card is personal and non-transferable. I have read, understood and accepted the General Conditions on I undertake to inform Europcar in writing of any changes.
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